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Welcome to Mind, Body Spirit Magazine

We hope you enjoy reading the April Issue.

This month we have an introductory look at some key topics and concepts you may or may not be familiar with

We explore the body’s energetic system through the Chakra system and A Theory of Everything.Read our articles on how this current of energy courses through our bodies and insight into how these energy centres can be stimulated to give us greater balance.

We travel on a yogic dance journey and explore the fascinating flow of Bollywood inspired workouts, and an exceptional story of a dancer and helpful physical exercises to improve our mental form through a unity of mind and body.

Our mind power is the ultimate key to achieving our limitless possibilities.The Power to Withdraw is our first article in an 8 part series of the Powers of the Soul from the Brahma Kumaris. For centuries meditation has been used as a tool to access the sub-conscious and conscious mind. Recent research shows that practicing meditation can increase your brain power.

We make no bones about Unlimited Abundance in a time of scarcity read about the true source of this abundance.

In Health we explore the Eastern healing system of Sound –healing harmonies. East meets West in Nutritional Medicineand check out our Thai Chicken recipe.Acupuncturehas been used to treat other various ailments, and which successfully to improve infertility. Massagehas been used in the Indian subcontinent since ancient times. Its powerful healing effects are now accepted in the West. It is a natural remedy for releasing tension and toxins from the body.

Our everyday thirst for happiness can be quenched through these 15 ways. Follow our 21-Step Beauty Routine.New baby..... new parents ...... new challenge! is a fantastic read for new moms and ourTantra experience articles to our adult readers only.

In the west you may be familiar with Feng Shui, the Chinese art of placement. The Indian discipline that works with the energy and environment is known as Vastu. Both Feng Shui and Vastu are ancient sciences and their origins are unknown. Vastu has been used successfully to improve prosperity and encourage positive energy to flow through the environment for love,wealth and more.Spring into action with our homeopathic remedies.

We are visiting many great countries & cities and our Eco-tourism feature on Gambia is a true inspiration. Get ready for summer in the UK with our The Road to Brighton Pier.

The Weird & Wonderful section highlights this month’s treasures, inspired prints & natural handmade cosmetics.

We provide a wealth of information for the self employed to create strategic business relationships on ourResources and Networking pages. Check out what is happening in our Events section and read the latest in our News pages.


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